The Job Interview


Smidgen sighed and tossed the blouse onto the growing mound on the bed.

It was always a pain when spring or fall rolled around and she had to go through her wardrobe. Nothing ever seemed to fit. It was even worse to have to look for dressy clothing.

Pulling on another blouse, she started to button up her front. As she buttoned the bottom buttons, it started to feel snug. Buttoning it up further, it was obvious the fabric was much to small. Her cinnamon-brown fur peeked through the pulled holes between the buttons.

Giggling she faced the mirror and modeled the small shirt to herself. She made a face to her image in the mirror and snickered a little louder. She looked ridiculous, a huge Raccooness wearing a tiny shirt. The thought tickled her mind. Watching her image she slowly took a deep breath.

Her shirt pulled further and further apart. Her deep chest causing the spread holes to stretch further, the buttons straining taut. With a quick successions of merry pops, three buttons from the front of her shirt arced forward and clattered off the mirror and onto the dresser.

Smidgen watched her full breasts bounce forward from where they had been squeezed, the shirt still wrapped tightly around their sides. Laughing, she flopped back on the bed. Ignoring the pile of clothing and sighing as she relaxed for a moment.

Her thoughts wandered. It was another one of those days. She'd worked her way through college and gotten her degree. Another job interview. Another try. The butterflies in her stomach practiced a few more aerial maneuvers at that thought. This one was a good company too. More to be worried about. The last few interviews had been horrible. Maybe this one would be better. Another chance.

Smidgen quickly sat back up. It was going to be a busy day and she didn't have much time to rest. She had to make a drop by the doctor and work before the interview. "What a day to be looking for something to wear." she spoke to her image in the mirror. Smidgen got up and walked back to the closet.


The doctor shuffled his way into the room. He was a grey-muzzled old cat whom she had visited occasionally over the years. He blinked at her through his thick rimmed spectacles. His gaze path travelled up and up from eye-level.

Smidgen smiled nervously as his gaze met hers.

Breaking the uneasy silence the doctor smiled back and said,.."Myyyy you've certainly become a healthy you girl, haven't you."

Smidgen couldn't help but laugh a little. "I should hope you know about that by now."

The doctor was already flipping through the papers on his clipboard, his ear twitching as he scratched it. "Yes, yes ... 9 feet and still growing eh?"

Smidgen nodded.

The doctor set his clipboard on the counter. "Well, I contacted an old friend of mine. He's an endocrinologist at George Washington Medical Center. After reviewing your case he agrees with my diagnosis."

Sitting down on a stool and taking off his glasses to clean them, he continued. "As you know, normally the runt of the litter exhibits growth problems. Though usually it is due to the lack of sufficient growth. In your case it was this way till the onset of puberty. Your body was probably producing no growth hormone to speak of. Hence your history of being exceedingly short to that point."

"However, when a portion of your body ceases to function, usually there is an attempt to compensate. In this instance, your body succeeded."

Putting his glasses back on and rubbing the developing crick in his neck, the doctor looked back up. "A little too well."

Smidgen nodded, "I've figured as much, but what to do about it?"

The doctor nodded, "I'm getting there. Since it's massive peak in speed at puberty, your rate of growth has been dropping off regularly since then. You are following a normal growth curve now, just that it is very strong and is lasting longer than normal. We suspect that it will continue for another year or two before your body can finally halt the process."

Smidgen fidgeted a little with her tail, "How much further?"

The doctor picked up the clipboard and fumbled through his notes. "Given your growth pattern as we have assembled so far, our best guess is around another 6 inches or so." He looked back up. "You've progressed far enough along that by this point that surgery is pointless. We can help you with a drug regimen to help nature take it's course."


Smidgen locked the door to the car and slammed it shut. She winced as the door slammed hard, she needed to remember to be careful with that. The last thing she needed was a car bill.

She could at least drop by work and relax a bit before the big interview. Ducking her head as she entered the bar by the side-door, she ignored the few gawkers on the street. Wandering into the more spacious bar she spotted the bulldog bartender with his back turned.

"Good morning Mel!" she chimed merrily.

The bulldog turned around, his scarred and wrinkled face slowly smiling. "Well hello Smidge, got some time to talk to your soon-to-be ex-boss before the big interview?"

"Yeah Mel," she smiled and set down on a barstool, "If this one works out."

Mel turned back to setting glasses back up in their stack. "It will and I'm gonna miss having you work here," he gruffed. "You've been the best worker I've ever had."

Smidgen smiled, "I'm sure you tell that to all the girls who work your bar."

Mel laughed and picked up another glass. "Not many girls I've had here that could bounce the biggest of the angry ones."

Smidgen shrugged. "I guess it's one of my talents."

"Is it one of your talents to be that office manager MBA thingy?" Mel shot back.

Smidgen smiled. "Yeah, the one that's gonna make you have to find another bouncer for this joint."

Mel grunted.

Smidgen reached across the bar and patted Mel. "That's for your support, Mel."


Smidgen fidgeted with her fingers, trying not to look as nervous as she felt. So far the secretary and half the office had stolen a quick look at their abnormally large interviewee.

This company here was doing good. It's spacious offices and high ceilings would allow her to work with relative ease. Heck, at the last interview, she couldn't even stand up completely. That was a flop. This one looked like it would be very good.

Smidgen tried to push those thoughts out of her mind. It annoyed her that her dominating size had probably been the principal reason for getting passed over in all of her interviews thus far.

Why couldn't there be more people like Mel? Mel was honest on the surface and not so nervous and insecure. Nervous hiring managers didn't want to risk ridicule.

Her thoughts were quickly scattered as a short badger wandered into the room. He was dressed in a well worn suit, and looked obviously distracted.

He stopped in mid-stride and turned and looked at Smidgen. Smidgen smiled. Sitting down she was taller than he was. The badger only stared for a moment. He recovered quickly and asked in a gravelly voice, "Are you Smidgen A. Coon?"

Smidgen nodded, "Yes."

"Pleased to meet you." he said assuredly. "My name is Hansen, Steve Hansen. We've had someone walk out this morning and have no one to take notes at an important board meeting. Can you take shorthand? I realize you aren't interviewing to be a secretary, but it would be a big help."

Smidgen's though raced about an opportunity to at least prove she had some viable skill before being dismissed from consideration. "Yes I can, and I'd be glad to help you." she responded.

"Good." the badger said. He turned and started to walk down the hallway. "Follow me."

Smidgen stood up and followed. She was easily more than twice his height. She quietly took small steps to keep with his slower pace. The badger came to an unlabelled side door and walked quickly in. Smidgen followed and was surprised to find herself in a very expensive looking board room with a view out several picture windows. All of the executives at the table were obviously senior and not hurting for money. They looked back at her as she strode in, attempting not to stare, but doing a bad job. The badger, not having made eye contact or breaking stride spoke aloud, "Sorry I'm late folks, but I dug up some help."

The badger's comment grabbed attention away and Smidgen. She followed and sat where he gestured at near the head of the table. "Sit there missy." The members at the table continued to steal glances at their large addition to the group.

Smidgen did her best to sit gracefully in the small chair and fumbled for a notebook. The chair at the head of the table was empty. At least until the badger walked over and unceremoniously plopped into it. Smidgen blinked with surprise. The badger was the CEO! Before the thought sank in she grabbed a pen and was scribbling notes as the Badger addressed those assembled.

"The reason I have invited an interviewee into this meeting to take the notes is because she's the only one I can even halfway trust. I would rather take someone I know nothing of, fresh off the street than to depend on the people that I had up to this point."

There was a mild murmuring in the room with a very uncomfortable silence.

"It has come to my attention that some of you have been co-horting with a few rivals in a plan to take over this company. I built this company out of the ground and I'm not about to let you folks swindle me out of it. Greed is a bad thing folks. Those of you who want to go quietly may resign right now and I won't yank your options. Those of you who don't and I have evidence of insider work will be charged with racketeering."

The badger turned and looked away from the table and out the window. A few people at the table uneasily got up quietly and walked out of the room.

"Damn back-stabbers," he muttered. He turned back to the table an surveyed all who were present. His eyes locked on a neatly groomed and positively oily looking fox sitting at his left.

He looked back around the table briskly. "That's all for the general meeting. You're excused." The room started to quickly clear of people. Looking back at the fox as he was getting up, the Badger waved a hand, "Frank, could you stay for a bit." he looked over to Smidgen, "you to, please."

After the room had cleared, the Badger flopped down into his chair and turned toward the fox. "Frank, I know you spearheaded this. The game is over. You're fired."

Frank eyed the badger back through cold steely eyes and laughed softly. "Your company, Steve? I think not. With my backers I have enough stock. I own you."

The badger smiled at the comment. "Nice bluff Frank. But I just fired you. By being fired due to breaking the non-compete section of your contract you forfeit all options you own in this company."

Frank's whiskers twitched. He waited a moment before replying. "You can't fire me, I am this company now, not you. For the good of the company, I'm firing you." He smiled. "You see, I'd be glad to argue in court that I had took over the company and tried to quietly retire the old, senile CEO. But he got angry and said he fired me first."

Frank looked over at Smidgen. "And I'm sure the other witness would agree with me, for a fee."

Steve also looked over at Smidgen after a moment. Smidgen set down the book with a flap on to the table. She looked at Frank and sneered, "Oh please, spare me."

Standing up to her full height, she walked around the table, behind the badger. His composure broke a little as she neared.

Smidgen didn't even break stride as she walked by. She picked Frank up by his collar. His protests were not nearly impressive as they might have sounded. His feet kicked at air as she carried him out of the board room and unceremoniously heaved him into the hall.

The door slammed and she turned around brushing her paws. Sitting at the end of the table, the badger let out a laugh.

With a big grin he spoke, "You're hired."

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